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No other Indian State is topographically blessed with such diversified fishery resources as West Bengal, varying from coastal (158 kms of coastline) to cold water aquatic resource within its borders to freshwater culturable resources (3.75 LHA) in the form of- flood plains, beels / boars / wetlands, sewage fed fishery, reservoir fishery, paddy cum fishery and brackishwater areas (2.10 LHA) alongwith capture fishery in rivers/creeks/canals and sea. It is the only state in India where all kinds of water bodies (i.e., freshwater, brackishwater, sewage water and marine water as well) are utilised fruitfully for fisheries activities.

The congenial climatic condition coupled with traditionally rich human resources with traditionally rich fishery knowledge has aided the State in securing the leading position in fish & fish seed production for several years.

Total fish production in the State during 2014-15 was 16.17 LMT and its contribution towards SDP is 2.35%. With a vision to manage, protect, enhance and develop fisheries and aquaculture in the State, the Department of Fisheries, Government of West Bengal, is constantly implementing innovative and need based schemes for production enhancement and socio economic upliftment of the fisher folks towards achieving /fulfilling the slogan: Sabar Jonno Maachh O Sab Jalasayae Chash”.

Administrative stability and people friendly policies of the State have created the foundation for harnessing the possibilities of investment in Fisheries sector through commercial ventures. Sub sectors in Fisheries having immense potentiality includes Fish Feed, Processing Unit, Aquaculture in large water bodies, Modern Hatcheries, Ornamental Fisheries, Post-Harvest Processing, Value added product, Cold Chain, and Packaging etc, for the promotion of which Fisheries Deptt has framed a Investment Friendly Incentive Policy and set up a separate unit (Investment Promotion Unit) with the objective of Unlocking Fisheries Investment Potentials and providing all out assistance to the Investors for hassle free investment.

At such a juncture, to support the pragmatic approach of the State Government which is poised for a new growth era and which would be of immense interest to the business and corporate fraternity in West Bengal to go for investments, the ICC and the Department of Fisheries, Government of West Bengal is organising the Bengal Fish Fest 2017 during 5th – 7th January 2018 at Kolkata to address the current issues and look forward toward prospective investment opportunities in the Fisheries sector of West Bengal along with the promotion of various fish cuisines.

The Bengal Fish Fest 2020 will provide an opportunity to Sea Food & Fishery Industry leaders, entrepreneurs and service providers to showcase their products, services, technologies and their benefits to the participants and users in the sector/ industry.

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